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Self Catering

You can also opt for a country style dinner where you prepare all of food and place dishes of food on each table so people can take what they want eliminating unwanted wasting of the food, often a problem with wedding catering.

If you are opting to do all of the cooking yourself, you may want to look into buying the food in bulk. There are many different grocery markets as well as discount warehouse places that will allow you to buy large amounts of food for a cheap price.

Most of the time they offer elegant hors d'oeuvres that are frozen and can be cooked in a matter of minutes to serve to your guests quickly.

Buying in bulk can save you a great deal of money and will also help you add a little bit of flair to the entire evening.

Tables and Chairs

Doing the wedding catering yourself could also mean having to provide your own tables, chairs and cutlery etc. For the truly frugal amongst us I recommend asking to borrow tables and chairs for the reception from your friends.

They can be covered with plain white paper table clothes and the chairs can be decorated with paper flowers, ribbons or balloons to make them look similar.

Plates and cutlery etc can be hired for the day for a relatively small charge from catering companies but again if you can borrow plain white plates etc from friends it will certainly keep the costs down. After all the day is all about getting married not if the plates all match.

Wedding planning precautions

No matter what way you decide to do your wedding catering you need to be sure to keep in mind what the weather is like and what types of food you will have out.

Certain foods that are left out for long, overtime can become harmful to people, so you want to be sure you have the food iced down or keep the heating lamp on it so it stays as fresh as possible.

I once heard of a guy who was sued by the groom after half of the guests went down with food poisoning when he had left the deserts out of the fridge for a while because he wanted to make sure the wine was chilled.

The worst thing about this story is the guy was the best friend of the groom and was only trying to be helpful on the day. So food safety should always be high on your list.

Keep your wedding planning simple, this goes doubly for your catering. Keep the menu simple, this will cut down on preparation and costs and it has been my experience that fancy food only pleases a few people.

I once attended a wedding where a very expensive and fancy meal was laid on and all I remember hearing was people complaining that the food was too rich or not what they were used too. I didn't tell the bride, as I know it cost a small fortune to arrange.

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