Water Bill Saving

by Amy

Place a normal size brick in your toilet tank. By doing this, when you flush you dont use as much water as you normally would.

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Comment from kate

You can also use a plastic bottle filled with water to keep it anchored in the tank.

Keep in mind also that if you buy a new toilet you can buy ones with smaller water tanks and which have variable flushes. i have one of these and as well as saving water they are also much quieter than the old style tanks.

I think that even though these new toilets cost a little more than the basic models it is a frugal decision to make as in the long term there are so many benefits.

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No Bricks in Toilet Tanks!!
by: Anonymous

Absolutely do not put a brick in your toilet tank! Pieces of brick will dissolve and clog the mechanism, not to mention your pipes. You are far better off with a low-flow toilet, which are not that expensive.

One step further
by: Terri Ann

Consider putting the brick in a seal-able plastic bag before you put it in the tank. The brick can crumble and flake, which may damage your plumbing.

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