Wanted Home Made Yogurt recipe

by Sue

Does anyone have a good recipe for homemade yogurt?

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Old school method
by: Xtina

Hi there.

Pour milk into a pan. heat it up. don't let it boil. cool it down. when you can put your finger in the hot milk for 20 seconds without having to take it out it is ready. Add a couple tablespoons plain youghurt, stir and them let sit overnight on stove or where it is warm. This works pretty good. it isn't too thick, but is good enough for eatin' and especially for a smoothy or dressing.

Organic yogurt
by: Anonymous

Best bet is to buy a yogurt maker, to ensure uniformity of temp. I use organic whole milk, which is boiled first to increase solidity, then when this milk temp reaches 75-80 degrees I add to yogourmet starter with casei bifidus acidophilus. The secret to HEALTHY high culture content yogurt is allowing 24 hr cooking time. Every other batch I use 4-6 ounces from a previous batch as starter. Never add flavoring or sugar to the milk....only to the finished cooled product. Raw honey and fresh fruit make this a super healthy option.

make your own yougurt it's easy.
by: Anonymous

To make your own yougurt simply boil your milk in microwave,stove or however you want to boil it
and then let it get cool untill little warmer than warm. For the first time when you start making your own yougurt you will need 1 tbsp of readymade yougurt to add to the ready to make yougurt milk witch you have already prepared,for that first time you can get or buy yougurt from any Indian store, you might get it free.Now you add that store bought 1 tbsp of yougurt in your warm milk, it will come out perfect if you make it in the ceramic dish, wrap it in a warm blanket and put it near the heat vent for overnight and open it in the morning tada......there you have your home made yougurt.Make sure save little to make more for next time, try to get the first time yougurt from Indian store not from any other store to get premium quality yougurt.

My Mother-in-Law's yogurt recipe
by: Callie Lorentson

My mother-in-law makes a very simple and easy recipe for home-made yogurt. Here it is:

Home Made Yogurt

Heat 2 quarts of milk to 190 degrees and add 1/3 to 1/2 cup powdered milk.

Cool to 110 degrees and then add 1/3 cup of plain yogurt.

You can put it on top of your hot water heater and cover it with towels to keep the heat in. You can also put it in a cooler with a heating pad. It should be kept at around 110 to 120 degrees-no more- for it to incubate and the culture to grow.

Hope that helps!

Callie Lorentson

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