Valentine Gifts On A Frugal Budget

Valentine gifts are always special no matter how expensive they are. Over the years I have received both expensive bouquets of flowers and meals out to inexpensive cute little teddies bears and hand made cards.

I can honestly say that all have meant a great deal to me, but gifts that have had time and thought spent over them like the handmade card has meant just that little bit more.

So if you really want to give your loved one something truly special that they will remember for a long time, then why not spend less money but more love and thought into this years Valentine gifts.

Below you will find some great ideas to impress your loved one even if you're on a budget.

Great Frugal Valentine Gifts

Cook For Your Valentine

Valentines Heart

A fancy restaurant is not the only place to give your loved one a meal to remember. Plan a romantic night in and prepare a slap up three-course meal yourself.

Even if you can't cook, there are some great pre-packed meals that you can simply heat up and present in a beautiful way.

Dress up for the occasion and create a warm and cosy environment by dressing up the dining table, placing candles around the room and playing soft music in the background. PS. Leave the washing up until the morning.

Surprise Your Partner

Why not surprise your partner by meeting them unexpectedly for lunch. Go to a nice coffee shop and treat yourselves to a fancy piece of cake.

My partner has done this for me and believe me it felt great.

Cookie Valentine Gifts

Valentine Cookies

If your partner has a sweet tooth you could bake some cookies and cut them into heart shapes, then place them in an old tin and decorate the tin with cut out love hearts and fancy ribbon. Such a simple but affective frugal idea i think.

Love Coupons

Some couples are not overly romantic but it is still nice to give your partner something nice on Valentines Day. So why not give them something that will make them smile as well as being very thoughtful.

DIY coupons are great for this, make your own coupons offering the recipient for instance to wash the car for them, do the vacuuming or give them a massage or foot rub.

 A few suggested coupons are available for FREE DOWNLOAD HERE.

Flowers The Traditional Gift

If you really want to give flowers on Valentines Day, then opt for a potted plant rather than a bought bunch of flowers, why not even grow it yourself. The prices double for these bouquets on Valentines Day so don't be fooled into spending unnecessary money.

The alternative is to give just a simple single red rose with lovely red ribbons attached. I find this far more romantic than a whole bunch of roses.

Write A love Letter

You may have been together weeks months or even years but a nothing says "I love you" more than a hand written heart felt love letter.

Decorate the envelope in your own special way and spray some of your scent for the final touch. I still have a love letter sent o me from 20 years ago that still smells of his aftershave.

A Valentines Keepsake Box

A valentines love box - Why not put together a little box of small individually wrapped gifts that shows you care and have taken time to put together. The contents could be:

  • Individual chocolates wrapped in paper that you have written a love poem on.
  • Special photographs of you both
  • Rose petals
  • Seashells
  • A scented handkerchief
  • A little box with a kiss inside (kiss a piece of paper with lipstick, yes even you guys, it will mean a lot)
  • Love letter, a frugal gift that will last a lifetime.
  • A homemade tape or cd of hand picked love songs

Romantic Movie Night

Dim the lights and choose your partners favourite romantic film. Cuddle up and settle down with a bottle of wine and some extra naughty but nice goodies such as:

  • Homemade hot popcorn covered in butter, honey or chocolate.
  • Chocolate chip cookies (handmade in lover heart shapes),
  • Her favourite ice cream Chocolate covered strawberries (easy to make at home)

Framed Picture - Valentine Gifts That Last Forever

Having one of your partners favourite photographs of you both enlarged is no longer an expensive thing to do and lovely inexpensive frames are available (Ikea for example).

Just imagine your partners face when they realise the care and love you have put into this gift. The gift that just keeps on giving for years to come.

Fun and Silly Things To Do On Valentines Day

Being silly on Valentines day is wonderful, well if you can't be silly then, when can you be?

Why not buy several packets of cheap party balloons and fill up her bedroom with them as a surprise. You could even put chocolates or love notes inside them before you blow them up.

Wishing you a happy frugal living Valentines day and we hope you will get all the Valentine gifts your heart desires.

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