Unblock Your Washing Machine Yourself.

by Kate

Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine

Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine

This week my washing machine broke down and I was looking at either paying for someone to come and repair it at goodness knows what cost or buying a new one for £300. The idea of either of these solutions threw me into a gloom as money is extremely tight at the moment and this would have put me into debt.

I was also angry as my washing machine is only three years old and is used only about two to three times a week. So I felt cheated at the thought of spending more money on a pretty mundane item.

The symptoms of my washing machine breakdown was that during the last part of the cycle water started to flow out of the machine which would then cause the machine to stop and start flashing a red light at me.

Here was my Frugal DIY Solution

• Firstly I asked friends if they had had a similar problem. Immediately one said that it sounded like a blockage and that I should check to see if there was compartment on the machine which caught any fluff etc.

I took a look but my particular machine did not have one.

• I then decided to un-plumb my machine and get it out into the middle of the room so I could see all the way round it. It is easy to un-plumb most washing machines so don't worry too much about this.

• I then removed the panel at the back so that I could see the pipe work inside. There was no corrosion or signs of wear and tear.

• Then I removed a black section of rubber piping from inside the machine and low and behold the whole thing was jammed with hair and fluff and two coins. It was easy to remove this and clean the pipe and replace it.

The whole thing took me about half and hour and was relatively easy to do. No specialist knowledge was required. Remember they make these machines look like only a professional should touch them. But when it comes to something like a simply blockage, you really don't want to spend hundreds on something that you can do yourself.

My washing machine now works perfectly well again.

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by: Mike

Kate, you're absolutely right about fixing your washer.

I do this for a living and often times if someone would take the time and research it, they could fix it themselves.

For that blockage, I would have charged $125.

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