Tips To Save Money This January

by Kate



Over spent this December? Wasn't as frugal as you would have liked to be in 2012? Yep me too.

This year i am determined to cut my spending and to try and put a little something away each month, now there's a challenge.

Here are my tips on how to cut spending this January:

• Cash limit - Work out your weekly spending needs and take the cash out, leaving those credit and debit card s at home when you go shopping.

• Plan meals in advance - Make a weekly meal planner and stick to it. Only buy ingredients that you will use and if possible buy either a cheaper brand or make use of those deals.

• Use a basket not a trolley - having to carry your shopping will prevent you buying those unnecessary items, believe me I've tried.

• Use the car less - Fuel costs can be a big expense, sp why not plan to walk more this January. It will help to burn those Christmas calories too.

• Start a savings jar - i find popping some spare coins from my pocket into a jar every day really helps to motivate me. You get a great feeling watching the jar fill up. It is always exciting and amazing to see just how much you have saved every month too. (Tip, to stop you dipping into the jar make a tape lid with a hole in it for the money to go into but much harder to take out.

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