Texmex Beefy Mac

TexMex beefy mac

frugal recipes - Ingredients

1/2# lean ground beef
1 can Rotel tomatoes 
1 box Velveeta shells & cheese (or any mac with premade cheese sauce)

Cook the pasta as directed & drain.

 Season the ground beef with salt & pepper

Cook the beef until brown and drain.

 Mix the cheese sauce, pasta, tomatoes & ground beef.

Choose your favourite  green veggie and cook and bread and ENJOY. 
Fast & Easy.

Comment from Kate

I have only ever eaten Mexican food once before and one thing I noticed was that cheese is definitely a main ingredient in their dishes.

When I first saw your recipe I was thinking what makes this Mexican, surely it should be spicy yet you have not added any spices in your recipe. Then I saw the cheese and realized that’s the Mexican part.

It does sounds like a very quick and easy recipe and I do like the idea of mixing cheese, pasta and tomatoes. I would have to use an alternative to the beef as I am a vegetarian but that’s Ok I’m sure it will still taste great to me.

This would be a great recipe for barbecues and salad or as a smaller portion with half a jacket potato.

I have never been a great fan of macaroni cheese, I found it a little bland and sickly. but with the addition of the tomatoes and beef I think will make this a much nicer meal.

Kids should like this too as they do tend to like macaroni cheese and this pepped up version will make it even more popular I think.

This recipe reminds me a little of another recipe sent in called spaghetti pie. the different being that I think this would probably be best served always hot while the other one could be served cold as I think it would solidify into more of a solid pie piece. Both are ideas I will try in the future.

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