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Teleworking simply means working from home using either the telephone or the Internet or both.

It is fast becoming a popular choice for many employers who can see that it will help them to save costs on office space etc, while still providing excellent service to their customers.

As the internet and communication technology becomes ever more fast and efficient and with nearly everyone having access at home to this kind of equipment, working from home will become more of the norm as the years go by.

Many people are preferring to work from home as it gives them more control over their lives and reduces not only travelling time but also saves money on fares and associated costs with going to work.

It can give them more time with their family and a less stressful lifestyle.

It is also a useful way for someone to earn some extra income if they only need to work a few hours a week, as it may be easier to persuade an employer to take you on part time rather than full time. It will also save them paying out temp agency fees.

What Is Teleworking?

Teleworking covers many different areas of work, which do not require you to be based at a particular location. So this could be:

  • Accounts
  • Secretarial
  • Call handling
  • Telesales
  • Database management

There are two possible avenues into this sort of work from home. The first involves approaching an existing company advertising a job which could be carried out from home and persuading them that that you could do the work for them (highlighting of course the benefits of saving costs on desk space etc).

The second is to set up your own business from home and advertise your services.

In both cases you will have to be very persuasive and professional in your approach to teleworking to ensure you have the best chance of securing work.

Do I need any qualifications or training?

You will need to be qualified and have experience in the particular area of work you are attempting to secure. This is doubly important to prospective employers, as they will have to have added trust in someone who is not under their direct control. So experience and references will be required.

Are there any costs involved?

You will need to have all your own communication equipment at home and a fast Internet connection and computer. Luckily these days this doesn't have to break the bank and most of us may have the necessary equipment already.

If you are setting up your own teleworking business you will have to pay for advertising yourself. This may involve building and maintaining your own web site and or newspaper advertising.

However nothing ventured nothing gained and considering that this work could end up bringing you a full time wage as well as the freedom of working from home, it is well worth the expense.


On the plus side, working from home will mean no more travelling to work every day on a packed commuter train. It will also reduce your costs i.e. no more travel fares, office clothes and dry cleaning, lunch time meals or snacks. It will also allow you to spend more time with your family.

The downside is that you will have to be very convincing to be able to secure work from either your existing or prospective employer.

Setting up your own business will mean lots of initial hard work with no guarantees of success.

Useful contacts

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The Canadian Teleworking Association -

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