Start Online Business Blog or Website? 

So you want to start online business for yourself but you’re not sure the best way to go about it, don’t worry I know the feeling. When I started to build my first web business I was completely green and had no idea how to get started let alone how I was going to make money online.

I was also very confused about the difference between blogging and a website. Blogging seemed to be all the rage at the time and looked so easy to do and so I thought I would build my business using a blog rather than building a website. Thank goodness I didn't as I now know that I would have wasted a lot of my time and effort which I could have spent building a real business online instead.

Why didn’t I blog?

Well I came across Site build it and spoke to many of its users who helped me to see why blogging isn’t very good for building a successful credible business online.

Now it’s my turn to pass some of this knowledge onto you but this is just a small part of the information available from site build it. So use it as a starting place for your research, the links within the site will take you to other more in depth information on this subject.

The difference between blogging and a website

Let’s start with the differences between a blog and a website. essentially both are pages on the web which contain information, but their main difference is in the way they are organised and how they interact with the user and this makes a big difference when we want to start online business which will be successful or not.

A blog can be described as more of an online journal with its posts (added information or pages) organised by date of entry.

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Because it is organised in this way it is best suited for adding news or interesting facts that have occurred recently or even your latest thoughts on a subject. This sort of entry isn’t really sorted to the business model which needs to be content rich rather than just short commentary posts.

A website is rather different in that it is organised differently, most importantly it is organised by you. This means that you can make your most important information easily available for your customers and it will be available all the time. You can also structure the site so that it flows from one piece of information to the next, leading your customers through your site.

You can also logically organise your site so that information can be themed together making it a much easier for your customers to navigate through your site. Whereas a blog is organised by date in a linear form a website is organised in a more natural way which works better with the way we all think i.e. being able to jump from one piece of information to another of our own choosing.

Why is a website better to start online business?

To have a successful online business you need traffic and lots of it coming to you daily. This is the only way you will make any money at all.  The trouble is there are millions of other websites out there competing for the same traffic, so how do you ensure that they find your website rather than your competition?

Well that involves many different factors but marketing your site is one of the main ones and this can be time consuming, especially when you start online business for the first time. So the last thing you want to have to do also is to be constantly having to add actual content to your site everyday to ensure that you do not loose popularity.

This is where blogging falls down, if you stop blogging the search engines drop you from their results and your traffic disappears. Why? Because search engines treat blogs like newspapers i.e. only good for a day or so and then your content is old news.

A website is different because the content of the site is informational and not time sensitive and so once your website is built it will continue to be found by the search engines even you have not added anything new for a while. This gives you time to do other more important work for your business.

The Bottom Line

As I have already said this is just a short introduction into the difference between blogging and building a website to start online business with. If you are like me then you want to know as much as possible and so you will want to read the following pages which will give you so much more in depth information to make your decision easier.

More Information About Whether to Blog Or Build A Website 

There is even a comparison chart which shows you the benefits of a website over a blog too which I found very useful indeed.

Comparison Chart

As you know I think a website is so much better than a blog when building a successful business online. I now have four websites and I know how much work it takes to build them and I am so glad I chose to build mine in a way which means that traffic just keeps on finding them.

So my final reasons for not blogging for business are and to choose a Solo Build It website are:

  • You're missing all kinds of key tools.
  • It takes too much of your time.
  • Your traffic will not last unless you keep blogging.
  • You won't make as much money (several reasons for that).
  • You'll still need to learn how to market your blog.
  • You won't be building a deep relationship with your visitors and audience.

I wish you as much success as I have had in your own start online business venture.

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