Standing Desk On A Budget

A standing desk is becoming more and more popular both in the office and at home. Why? Because it has many benifits, such as:

  • Better posture - So less back pain
  • Better productivity
  • Burns more calories than sitting

Unfortunately to buy a manufactured standing desk costs A LOT and I mean a lot. Depending on the functions of the desk i.e automatic height controls and versatility, the cost can range from a hundreds to thousands and that's out of a lot of peoples budgets, including mine. 

So I created my own desk, on a budget of only £20.

Why I wanted a Standing Desk

I work from home and have had a traditional sitting desks for many years. i can often spend over eight hours a day sitting.

Now this has given me a bad back from slumping over my keyboard, fat thighs and bum (there's no nicer way to say it) and I feel sluggish and fed up for most of the day.

A friend of mine told me about her standing work desk and how she felt so much better for using it. i was skeptical at first and thought to myself that i would be too lazy to use it. But I was intrigued and wanted to give it a go.

That was a month ago and since then I have been using my standing desk every day and I can honestly say I feel So much better for it.

I feel so much more alert and so find that I get so much more done. i feel healthier and stronger and although it took me a few weeks to build up the stamina to stand and work for most of the day, it really was worth it.

How I Ceated My Frugal Desk

Click on the pictures for a closer look

Step One 

Decide where you want your desk.

I wanted to have a sitting desk and standing area to work at and so as I only have one computer, had to site them next to each other.

I had a spare monitor and wired both of them to the same computer so that i can move between them during the day If I need to.

Step Two

I already had a unit next to my desk I could place a small table on to raise my second monitor. However If I had not the end of my desk would have worked too.

I bought a small table and shelf. My table came from Ikea and cost £5, the shelf was found in their bargain bucket area and is in fact a small cupboard door, which works perfectly as a keyboard shelf and cost me £1.50

Step Three

I placed the small table onto my cupboard and placed my monitor onto it.

For the keyboard shelf I decided just to use some books to elevate it up ( freed up some bookshelf space). However I could have used brackets and attach them to the small table if I wanted. 

As you can see this is a very flexible setup, one which can be changed around to suit anyone's situation. It took me about twenty minutes to set up and start to use.

Here is how my standing desk looks.

You may notice that I have also bought myself a wobble board which I use through out the day to vary my standing position and to give myself a mini work out. I

t helps to exercise your core muscles and to eases aching legs. It only cost me £12 online and I love it.

This is a cheap desk setup and of course can be modified to suit your own needs. But it does show that it is possible to have a standing work desk without spending a fortune.

Give it a go.

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