Spend Your Money Wisely And Give A Gift They Will Remember

by Kate

Do you ever feel that the money you spend on gifts isn't really being spent wisely? I do. Every year I spend ages trying to think of what gifts to buy my family and friends only to realize that to be honest they don't really want or will really appreciate.

we get and have so many things these days that they all seem to blur into nothingness sometimes. So I was wondering what could I spend my money on this year that will really make my family and friends happy and also perhaps give them something they will always remember. The solution was the gift of an experience.

These days there are many companies that can provide you with gift certificates for many great and exciting experiences, such as:

Hot air balloon rides
Days at spa's
Driving luxury cars
Racing cars
Jumping from a plane
Rolling down a hill in a giant sphere
Theater shows and meal mini breaks

There are so many different options that there is always something for everyone. For the person who is a bit of a Adrenalin junkies to the person who prefers to relax and savor life.

So this year I'm not going to waste my money on buying gifts that will end up at the bottom of a drawer by January. Instead I will give gifts that everyone will always remember.

The best bit is that you can even share the gift with someone else if the cost is a little too much. By sharing the cost the experience will be even bigger and better anyway.

Being Frugal is not always about spending less but spending wisely.

Happy Christmas

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Gift ideas
by: Anonymous

I make up gift baskets and put in everyday things people will use. I call them hodge podge baskets cause they do not have a theme. I buy different baskets from the dollar store and as I buy items on sale all through the year I add them to the baskets. I have a limit to spend on each and it's fun to see the good buys I can find to fit into the budget. My family love to receive them and nothing goes to waste, plus I have fun making them up!

by: Fatcat

This is interesting, but I'd like a longer list of ideas.

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