Second Hand Pants - Too Frugal?

by Kate

picture by hirotomo flicker

picture by hirotomo flicker

I read an article today that really made me smile; it was about buying second hand pants. Already I can imagine many faces being scrunched up in disgust.

The article was written by a man who needed a pair of pants in an emergency (he had forgotten to pack any) and decided that for frugality sake would buy second hand. He had his own misgivings and said that he did feel rather embarrassed about it. However his article was really about why is buying a second hand shirt any different from buying second hand pants.

After all both items would only be sold if they were clean and intact, so why are we so reluctant to be frugal with our pant purchases?

I must admit I shop in charity shops all the time and have picked up some great bargains over the years. But I have never bought pants and have never even looked at any. Perhaps it’s the fact of where the garment is worn on the body and by someone we don't know that turns us away. For that can be the only reason why the second hand pants box is always full.

What are your thoughts on this, would you buy pants from a second hand shop? Please comment below.

Patrick Barkham article
The Guardian newspaper
Wednesday 17 March 2010

Comments for Second Hand Pants - Too Frugal?

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You need more !!
by: Anonymous

In reply to the first comment: I would go back to the shop and see if they have any more,because if you are wearing the pair you bought every day they won't last long !!

Not necessarily
by: Anonymous

Yes, I'm always looking in the charity shops, some really good things turn up in them.
Th pants I wear every day came from one, they were actually brand new, I don't think they'd ever been worn.

by: Anonymous

I would buy them if I needed to. I would probably bleach them before wearing. I recently had to get rid of a bunch of bras. They were lovely, but I had lost weight and nobody in my family could wear them. I was so disappointed when I had to throw them away, but I don't know of any place that will accept them for resale.

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