Save On Gasoline 
With These Great Frugal Tips And Ideas

To save on gasoline for your vehicle is one of the priorities of many people lately and not only because they want to save money but there is also a great interest and push to help reduce pollution and wastage. 

So here are some ways I have discovered that will help you reduce your consumption of the beast we call gasoline/petrol., with some frugal fuel tips.

  • The first thing is to obviously buy your fuel from the cheapest stations, but there's no point if you have to drive around wasting fuel to find the best prices. Instead use these two online resources to help you find the best prices in your area.For the UK there is petrolprices.comFor the US there is

  • Driving at a more constant moderate speed is less wasteful on fuel than driving fast. This is true unless you are driving on the motorway/highway, where speed is less of an issue and as it will be constant will save on gasoline.
  • Try not to stop and start your car your car all the time whilst driving. Starting and stopping uses more fuel. One way to do this is to slow right down when approaching lights in the hope that they will change before you have to completely stop.
  • Try to combine road journeys if you can. For instance pick up the shopping after you visit the gym or after picking the kids up from school, pop into the grocery store on the way home. This will not only save you time but precious fuel too.

  • Cruise control was designed to specifically save fuel whilst driving on highways, use it wherever you can, it really will cut costs especially on long drives. 

  • One of the worst ways of wasting fuel is not turning the engine off whist waiting for someone. This is very wasteful especially if you re picking up the children from school everyday. So turn off those engines, even if it is only for a few minutes wait.

  • Save on gasoline by choosing to travel at off peak times, this will reduce the amount of time you are stuck in traffic or waiting at traffic lights. So plan ahead if you can and arrange meetings etc to coincide with quieter roads.
  • Governments are trying to encourage car owners to buy a newer more fuel efficient and green car than to drive around in gas-guzzlers. Find out if there are any schemes either locally or nationally to help you with the cost of a new car.

  • Car shares are on the increase in popularity due to the recent hike in fuel prices. Find out if anyone lives near you who would be willing to share the trip to work and home.

    Perhaps start a little club in the office. You could also do this with other mums, turn the weekly shop into more of a social occasion and use only one car between you.

  • One of the best ways to waste gasoline in your car is to never service your vehicle. A car that is tuned correctly and is functionally at its optimum is better at fuel consumption than one that is left to it's own devices.

  • Make sure your tyres on your car are properly inflated. Tyres that are a little flat will create drag and force the car to burn more gas.

  • The ultimate way to save on gasoline is of course to get out of your car and walk or cycle. Since fuel prices have gone up the use and ownership of bicycles as increased dramatically. This is not only great for the environment, your own health but also your wallet. My goodness, how comes we never thought of this before. So come on have a go at a few of these frugal fuel savers for yourself.

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