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Follow These Energy Saving Tips

This save on electricity bills page is a list of all the things you can do to reduce your electricity usage and so cut your energy bills.

Even a small change can make a big difference to your energy usage and reduce your costs.

It can be shocking to realize just how much electricity you were wasting in the past once you evaluate your usage.

The following frugal heating tips are all designed to help you reevaluate your current usage and to suggest ways that you could reduce your usage and therefore your bills in the future.

It really is worth the time and effort to take a look at this at least once a year. You could be throwing away lots of money unnecessarily.

Frugal Tips To Save On Electricity Bills

  • Make sure you replace old electrical white goods with new A rated energy saving devices as soon as you can. The new Energy saving devices such as fridges and freezers are now up to 155 more efficient than your old one was. This can add up to a big saving over time especially as these items are always on.

  • Replace all light bulbs in the home with the new energy saving bulbs. Many of these bulbs are now given away free by various groups to encourage energy saving. So keep your eyes out for special offers from your energy supplier and local supermarkets etc.
  • Always wait to do a full load of laundry. You can use just as much electricity on a half load as you can with a full one. This is also true of dishwashers. 

  • Don't always use the dryer. If the weather is good, take advantage and let your washing air dry, it's much quicker and you get fresher results I find. 

  • Use a cooler wash cycle on your washing machine. There are now washing powders specially designed to still give your clothes a great clean but on much lower temperatures.

  • Never leave electrical equipment on standby mode. If like me you don't want to go around every single electrical plug at night, why not invest in a device that allows you turn them all off at once.

I use the Bye Bye Standby  plugs. They are versatile and can be easily programmed to switch off only the plugs you want.

This starter kit is great as it will show you just how easy they are to use. you can then buy more plugs as you need them.

I find them really great for those plugs which are not easy to reach. One click before I go to bed and I know I that all my electrical equipment fitted with the plug is not costing me any money while I sleep.

Make sure the back of fridges and freezers are clear of dust. Dust can make the cooling elements less effective forcing the fridge to use more power to get to the right temperature.

  • When boiling kettles for hot drinks only boil enough water for your drink.

    I have since seen a kettle that boils instantly only enough water for one cup of tea/coffee at a time, allowing you only to have to use a little energy at a time.

  • Lastly and not surprisingly the last tip to save on electricity is to make sure you are paying the best price from your supplier.

    Because things have become highly competitive in the world of energy suppliers it is always worth checking at least twice a year to make sure that you are not paying too much with your existing supplier.

Use in the UK and in the US to check for cheaper deals. 

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