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How to Save on Crafts

Crafting can be an expensive hobby if you're not careful, there can be so many thing you discover you need to make all the projects you have in mind. But there are many ways to save on crafts if you know how.

Be a savvy crafter and be smart when buying all the supplies you need at the lowest possible price. Even buying online can be cheaper than buying from specialist craft shops, it just take a little searching around.

Follow my tips on getting supplies as cheaply as possible whilst still being able to make stunning items.

Hope you find my tips helpful, I know it has saved me lots over the years. Happy crafting.

Frugal Tips To Save On Crafts

1. Buy Only What You Need.

Only buy what you need for projects you have planned. Don't stock up on yarn just because it is pretty unless you know that you will have a use for it.

This goes for other craft supplies too. Now this is not to say you can't buy in bulk if that is the cheapest way to buy though.

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2. Join a crafting club or organization.

You will meet more crafters and you will be able to swap ideas, excess supplies, and even patterns.

These groups can be found online and locally through the craft stores.

Swapping is a great way to save on many craft supplies, because everyone has extra supplies leftover from time to time.

Make sure to plan your craft projects

By planning ahead you can catch the good sales at the craft and yarn stores. You can get patterns on sale or better yet the free tear offs at the crafts stores, and then shop the supplies for these patterns during sale times.

Even buying online can save money if you know where to look. Amazon as you can see below has a large range of crafting supplies as very affordable prices. I use them all the time.

Check Out Freecycle

There are groups now that have free things available locally to where you live who promote the giving away for free of unwanted items. This can be an excellent ways to save on crafts.

you'll be suprised what people offer to give away, even unwanted craft supplies don't go to waste.

These groups can be found online. One such group is Freecycle . They have different groups depending on where you live.

Makeng Smaller Projects

If you need to spend less on your crafts one of the simplest answers is to make smaller projects. Buying the supplies for a large afghan will cost considerably more than the supplies for making bookmarks, potholders, or Christmas ornaments.

The large projects can cost around $30 or more to do where the small projects cost a few dollars.

Check Out The Library

You can find your ideas for crafts by checking out books at the library instead of buying a pattern books. Pattern books can be costly over time.

Make sure to use your supplies wisely.

Always know what supplies you have in stock so you don't re-buy what you have sitting in your closet! This will make you a frugal crafter and save you from spending unnecessarily.

Finish Past Projects

Look through at you old projects that aren't completed and see if you can re-start them again. This gives you the same enjoyment as starting a new project without the expense of buying supplies. Many crafters start and do not finish many of their projects, you may be one of them.

Hopefully, these few suggestions will help you save on crafts. Then you will have more money to spend on other things or perhaps even more of what you like doing. This means that you can afford more hours of crafting.

Just think how much more enjoyment you can have from crafts when you watch how much you spend on the supplies. Shop right and you can afford many more projects! 

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