How To Save Money On Hotels

With everyone tightening the family budget living these days, you may be wondering how to save money on hotels this summer.

Even though we are in stressful economic times, everyone needs a vacation maybe even now more than ever. We have spent the year stressing out over money, but here's no reason that a fantastic cheap family vacation has to break your bank account!

One common misconception is that to save money on hotels you have to downgrade your expectations. False! You don't have to slum it to save money.

Many times you can get the exact same high-priced room for half the cost just by paying attention to when and where you book it. Always check to see if the particular hotel that you are interested in is currently offering any discounts or special offers.

There are a number of websites (TripAdvisor for example) that do all the price-comparison checking for you. This will save you so much time! However, take into consideration that many of the prices listed on these sites do not include tax.

You just have to specify the star level of quality that you are willing to settle for, the price range you are willing to pay, and the various particulars of your vacation and see what's available!

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Hotels don't like to have empty rooms. This is money out of their pockets. So, check off-season locations or weekdays instead of weekends for cheaper rates.

Many of them are willing to lower their rate significantly just to have the room occupied. You've probably heard about the practice of "bidding" with Priceline. Basically the hotels post the rooms that they want to fill in a hurry and you bid on how much you are willing to pay for said room. This is a great way to stay in inexpensive luxury!

Another trick to save money on hotels is to look for the newest ones. New establishments are trying to drum up business and get plenty of publicity, so they will be more likely to give some great deals to start up their clientele. They even are willing to haggle and negotiate a bit just to get your business.

Always be on the lookout for coupons and coupon codes for use with various hotel chains. Using a Rewards Point credit card can always be an asset as well. You spend it on everyday things you need and build up points to help pay for your stay.

It never hurts to ask if you qualify for a special discount. For example, some hotels give special rates to AAA members, government employees, or employees of a large corporation (i.e. GE). Most hotels offer corporate rates to those travelling on business.

Don't be tricked into staying at hotels that charge you extra for all the "amenities" such as phone access, cable TV, and Internet access. Many smaller chains include these same amenities in the original price.

No matter what way works for you, you're certain to have the most relaxing vacation ever knowing that you won't be completely broke when you return home. Saving money on hotels doesn't have to be rocket science, but hopefully these little tips have helped to simplify the process for you.

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