Save Money On Groceries 
Frugal Grocery Shopping Secrets

Save money on groceries every week with these great tips. These frugal grocery shopping secrets may seem obvious but are often forgotten in the heat of the moment.

The shops have learned many tricks over the years on how best to tempt us while we are walking around.

But if you are aware of these tricks then youwon't be as suceptable to them.

These shopping tips have saved me lots of money over the years and I hope they do the same for you too.

Frugal Shopping Tips To Save Money On Groceries

  • Make a list of the items you need and stick to it in the store. This can sometimes be tricky as the stores are very good at putting tempting offers in front of us. But remember; if you are on a budget then stay away from these extras, no matter how empting they are. 

  • Go for the shops own brand rather than the top brands. Often the difference in taste is marginal if not identical and the cost difference can be quite a bit. 
  • Be aware of the ploys supermarkets go to, to make you spend more money. They are: 

    They often move items to different isles. This is to force you to go down isles you normally wouldn't.

    They place commonly purchased items such as milk and bread along the edges and back or the store. Again forcing you to walk past other tempting items.

    They place premium brands in the middle of a shelf and the lower priced brands at the bottom. This is because you tend to look at the middle rather than the bottom of shelves when shopping. 

  • Try to buy fresh food rather than processed foods. Processed foods are much more expensive and I have found that they are generally tasteless, small and packed full with preservatives. Why waste your money.

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  • Buy fruit and vegetable that are in season. This is a great option to save money on groceries as this will not only give you greater variety throughout the year but seasonal food is far cheaper.

  • Look out for coupons for items you regularly buy. These can be found in store, in local newspapers and online.

  • Buy items in bulk when there is an offer on for items that you use regularly. I find this works best for goods such as toilet tissue, frozen items and tinned items.
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  • Go shopping on your own if you can, I find that it allows you to stay focused on what you need and not be coaxed into buying other items by someone else.
  • Before you go frugal grocery shopping make sure you have a meal. If you are hungry you will be tempted to buy more.

  • Buy multi packed items such as boil in the bag rice. Single packed items are far more expensive.

  • Don't buy pre-flavoured foods, instead by the plain version and add your own flavourings. They not only taste better but also will cost far less.

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