How To Save Money On Computers

How to save money on computers or to be more precise how not to spend a fortune on your next computer and on things you just don't need.

I have had to buy, upgrade and even borrow many computers over the years and I have certainly fallen into a few sales traps myself.

Luckily I am now more aware of the pitfalls of buying new computer hardware and accessories.

I can now pass on these tips and ideas to help others make a more frugal shopping choice and better purchase first time.

Shop Below For Bargains

The First Thing To Do Is…

  • Decide what you actually need. 

    This may sound an obvious tip but it is easy to get sucked into all the whistles and bells offered with a new computer. You then realise later that you don't actually use them and that you probably paid for something you didn't need.

    When I bought my first computer I soon realised that I really didn't need any of the so called free software that came with the PC and that the printer wasn't really a very good one or that its ink cartridges were one of the most expensive on the market. 

    Bundle deals like this can be very enticing, they look like great value. But if you already have a good printer or software why spend extra money on something you don't need.

Alternatives To Buying A New Off The Peg Computer

Build Your Own Computer

Ok this is not for everyone but if you have some knowledge of computer building or even if you are just very enthusiastic, there are many resources out there to walk you through the process, it could be a cheaper option.

Reusing some of your old computers parts is a definite save. For instance:

  • CD/DVD player,
  • speakers
  • keyboard,
  • computer casing
  • monitor

Most of these parts can be reused and will save you money on buying new ones. A good starting place is

Refurbished Computers

Often buying a second hand computer that has been refurbished can be a good way to save money on computers when buying a replacement.

Sometimes these refurbished computers are not actively advertised, as they can be such a good bargain, so it's worth asking the retailer if they have any refurbished models in stock.

Ex Display Computers

Similarly ex showroom models will be sold off cheaper once a newer model comes out. These machines will still be covered by the stores own returns policy and they will still be eligible for their own one years warranty.


Sometimes it's better to upgrade your existing computer than to rush out and buy another new one. Often 95% of your computer is fine but it may need a new processor or some more memory.

PCWorld and similar retailers offer a upgrade service, so at a small cost they will not only recommend which parts of your computer need upgrading for your needs but will also be able to fit them for you.

Beware though; again know what you need and what you don't. So do spend sometime researching and reading up on the subject before you approach the retailer. A little knowledge can go a long way.

Shop Around For A Bargain

Don't be afraid to shop around when looking to save money on computers. It can be very tempting to walk into the first high street Pc seller and make your choice.

I am a great Internet surfer and whenever I am in the market for a high priced ticket item, I spend quite some time searching and buying online for the best deal.

In the past I have bought all my computers from independent online retailers rather than from the major retailers and I have always saved quite some money and often for a higher specification PC.

If you follow these steps you will definitely save money on computers that you buy in the future. It breaks my little frugal heart when I find out a friend has spent way to much for a new computer, simply because they didn't take the time to really think about what they needed.

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