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by Kate

picture by nDevilTV

picture by nDevilTV

Be honest, how many of you have gone to buy something and ended up walking out of the shop with more than you wanted and with a lighter wallet? I'm sure it's quite a few of you.

This is especially true of delicatessens and butchers shops. You ask for 500g of cheese and they cut you a slice that is 700g and say is that Ok? To which you shyly respond, "er, ok then".

It's a good ploy on behalf of the shop keeper as they know that in most cases, we are just to shy or not confident enough to say no and would prefer to simply accept what is being given to us.

Unfortunately for us this means that we will end up paying more for something than we originally intended. How can you budget your food bills if you don't stick to your guns?

The answer, a quick lesson in assertiveness would not go amiss. Learn to say "no thanks, I asked for 500g" or you could make a joke of it and say "ok, as long as it costs me the same as 500g". This second method is great for removing any tension there may be or embarrassment. The shop keeper will smile and give you what you originally asked for (if they don't then perhaps it's time to find another shop).

So to keep your money in your wallet and your budget in line, stick to your guns and don't be hoodwinked into buying more than you wanted.

Resource The Guardian Newspaper 11/10/10

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