Remove Nasty Toilet Stains

Remove nasty toilet stains the easy way

We all know that limescale and other toilet stains can sometimes be tricky to remove. If you have tried all types of cleaning products and you still have a ring around the inside of your toilet bowl, make a paste of borax and lemon juice and cake the inside of the bowl.

Let it stand for 15 minutes (don't forget under the rim and make sure you close the water supply and flush out all excess water). Then take very fine sand paper and gently scrub off the ring inside of the bowl. After you are done, open the water supply, flush and you will see a clean, brand new looking toilet bowl.

Comment By Kate

Thanks for the tip Stephanie; Borax really is so useful in so many ways. Thanks again.

Toilet stains have always been a problem in all the homes I have visited. All the so called modern cleaners are great at making the toilet smell nice but when lime scale starts to build up they don’t seem to be able to cope with it.

I realise that not many people like to get that close to the toilet bowel but in my experience it really is the best way to really remove those stains and lime scale. A little elbow grease and the help of borax will only take a few minutes, especially if you do it as soon as you notice the stains and don’t let them build up.

Don’t forget that if you have an old fashioned toilet system a good way to save water if to place either a brick in a plastic bag into the cistern or fill up a small plastic bottle with water and place that in there. This means that not so much water is used on every flush. New toilets have this already built in and so can save you money especially if you are on a water meter.

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