Recycle Clothes

by kate

picture by senoelx1 flickr

picture by senoelx1 flickr

Recycle clothes. If you are like me then when an item of clothing gets to the pot when it's just too old and ragged to be worn again, I either throw it away or if it is good enough give it to a charity.

But speaking to my Nan she thinks it’s a terrible waste and we should try and make our clothes last longer or reuse them in some other way.

One of the best articles I came across this week was an article about making hand warmers from old jumper sleeves. This appealed to me a lot as I often have cold hands sitting at the computer and find gloves a little restricting for typing, so hand warmers would be a great solution. Simply use the sleeves of an old jumper, a little bit of easy sewing and there you have it. The full instructions can be found here.

It got me thinking about some of my other clothes and what I could use them for once they were past their best. A few ideas I cam across were:

Using the material to make a bed throw

Make a cloth bag or a bag to keep your laundry pegs in

Costumes for the kids for parties etc

Turn pieces of cloth into attract head bands or scarfs

It really does make me realise just how wasteful we can be. I have thrown out over the years perfectly good dresses just because I couldn’t fit into them anymore. Some of them were made from great material too. Well that’s all in the past, from now on I will look at my old clothes differently and wonder, "Just what could I use this for"?

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