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Being a reader, what does that mean?

All companies that deal with publishing books or manuscripts for TV and theater have what is known as a "slush pile". This is the term given to all the written material sent to them for consideration from budding writers, this could amount to hundreds of manuscripts.

These people are brought in to go through all this material to weed out the good from the bad; this saves the companies lots of time and money in the long run.

Although only a few unsolicited books are published each year the publishers are always mindful that they may just be sent the next big seller and so it is important that they look at everything that is sent to them.

You find this work by contacting as many publishers as you can and offering them your services. They may ask you to fill out an application form or they may ask to see your CV.

Do I Need Any Qualifications Or Training?

Although most of us can read this does not automatically mean that you would be able to get this type of work.

Generally people who are considered have had some experience with writing themselves and probably have a degree in English preferably (or what ever language is spoken in your country).

It is also an advantage if you can read quickly.

Are There Any Costs Involved?

There are no costs involved, as the work would probably be sent to you for you to do the work at home. If you are required to collect work from an office, it is usual for travelling costs to be paid for by the company.

There may be some initial costs in promoting yourself but this is little more than the cost of stationary and perhaps a few telephone calls.

Pros/cons Of Being A Reader

If you enjoy books then being paid to study them is certainly a plus.

You may have to look at some awful work and you will have to be prepared to wade through large amounts of it before you find something of interest.

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