The Rat Race Blues

The rat race what is it? Well the definition of it is “a continual routine of hectic competitive activity”. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

I live in London, England and have done so for all my life and I love it. I really am a city girl at heart and I enjoy the city’s constant buzz. But what I absolutely hate is the daily commute to work, the mind numbing office job and the feeling of being a porn in someone else’s game.

I worked for 15 years in an office and although the money was good, the people were difficult to get along with sometimes and I constantly felt that I had no control over my own life there.

They would change the rules and job specs all the time, swap staff around and you didn’t know from one month to the next just what the next change was going to be. Add to this the fact that there was always the threat of redundancy and my work life soon became my own personal hell.

Perhaps many of you have felt like that yourselves from time to time. It can certainly start to get you down after a time and many of my friends say they feel constantly stressed by the daily grind.

I guess the daily grind is unavoidable in some cases, after all some jobs just are mundane to do, such as road cleaning and working the checkouts. However some people really enjoy it, and that’s fantastic and good news for the rest of us. But the rat race certainly wasn’t for me anymore and I took the leap to my own personal financial freedom and became my own boss.

Yes it was scary at first but it was also very exciting to finally be in control of my own life again.

Site Build It! 

After exploring several options and a few trial and errors in running my own coffee bar, I decided that my strengths lie more with the internet and communicating information rather than face to face work. I also wanted to work from home, I already had my own computer and so I thought “why not run my own online business?”, and this is what I have done now for the past 4 years.

I currently have three full time websites of my own and I help my partner with his website from time to time. I can’t tell you how much freedom this has given me, I no longer have the rat race commute to work or the fixed hours. It also works well with my frugal lifestyle as there are few overheads and it is a much simpler way of life for me.

So if you want to get out of the rat race too, why not think about what you really would like to do and spend some serious time researching it. It’s no good simply wishing, you have to be proactive and really go for it. Don’t do anything rash though, spend some time finding as much as you can about your chosen business and seek financial advice if necessary. It isn’t easy but then what is that’s worthwhile in life.

If you want some ideas on what jobs are out there and what you may find interesting to do yourself see my page about earning extra income or whether or not running an online business would be for you.

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