Quick and Easy Goulash

Quick And Easy Goulash
Frugal recipes - Ingredients

1# lean ground meat
2 small onions chopped
1 medium green bell pepper chopped
1 large can diced tomatoes
1 8oz can tomato sauce
1# elbow macaroni (I use whole wheat pasta)
Salt, black pepper & garlic powder

Cook pasta as directed & brown ground meat with onions & peppers in a large skillet. Add seasonings to taste. Once meat is done, stir in diced tomatoes & sauce. Taste meat mixture and adjust seasonings to taste. Stir together

Pasta & meat mixture. Serve with veggie of choice & garlic toast.

Comment from Kate
Wow garlic toast what is that? I love the sound of it though as I am a big garlic lover (much to my partners upset when I put too much in the meals)

This recipe sounds so tasty and the toast would definitely add a new dimension to a meal. It would also be good for leftovers which I tend to use for my next day lunches. As I am home everyday working from my home office I do struggle to find something interesting to have for lunch. This would make a very pleasant change (with veggie mince )

Being a vegetarian meals or several of these sorts of meals are very important as I often get stuck for something new to do with vegetables and pasta. I always make sure a meal is ready for my partner for when he gets home and I know how much he appreciates something a little bit different.

I suppose you could try different pasta if macaroni was not to your taste. I find it a little bit slimy and so prefer things like pasta shells or twists.

Thank you for submitting your recipe idea, I’m sure it is very tasty and would also be a money saver when made in big batches and frozen.

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