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Printer ink can be every expensive, over the years I'm sure I have spent hundreds on the little plastic cartridges. Plus I always seem to run out just when I really need to print something urgently.

I have tried both original ink cartridges and re-manufactured one's to try and cut down on costs, some with varying degrees of success. I must admit to having wasted some money on some very inferior ink cartridges, ones that I have ended up just throwing away or having to mop up after, luckily I have never ruined a printer.

So I have come to the conclusion that's it's not all about saving money on buying cheaper printer ink. Instead it's all about using my ink more economically to make it last longer.

Here are the tips I have come across which if stuck to, can save you money on your ink in the long run.

Tip One

Do you really need to print? I know this may sound rather obvious but how many of you have printed something and then not looked at it again. Yep, me too.

So before printing, ask yourself do I really need a paper copy of this or can I save it to my hard drive to view again later if required.

Tip Two

Not surprisingly, thicker fonts and bold text require more ink to print them (although I must admit I hadn't really thought about this until it was pointed out to me).

Apparently there are also some fonts that because of the way they are structured use less in to print them. Two of the mains ones are Arial and Courier.

There is also a free font you can download which is designed to be especially eco friendly towards your ink usage. Its called Ecofont and actually uses 20% less ink as it is made up of lots of little holes which are not visible to the eye. It can be downloaded from

Tip Three

Similarly, the bigger the font size the more printer ink used. So I tend to make sure that I use 10 or 12pt for normal every day letter writing.

If there is a web page I want to print I often cut and paste the text into word and reduce the font size. This not only saves me ink but also paper.

Tip Four

If you do use remanufactured printer ink cartridges, I find that they often stop working properly due to the fact that the nozzles get blocked.

So before throwing away a cartridge that has stopped working properly, give the nozzles on the base of the cartridge a little wipe with a damp tissue and see if this solves the problem.

Tip Five

Before printing a complete web page, why not get rid of unwanted ads etc that will only use up ink. I use an online service called, simply paste the url of the page you want to print onto the site and it then allows you to manually remove areas from the page so that you print a much cleaner, less cluttered page.

Tip Six

If you have one of those printers that flash up a warning note on your screen telling you that your ink cartridge needs replacing, then do what I do and ignore it. I find that I do not have to actually replace a cartridge until much later, sometimes as much as up to a week later (depending on how much printing I am doing).

It is usually quite obvious when you have to actually replace the printer ink, as you will start to see streaking or fading on your prints. This is the time to replace.

Tip Seven

Most printer setting are set to print in normal mode. This not always necessary and is a waste of ink. Often I like to print something that I may only need to look at once and so it is not necessary to have a completely crisp print. Instead I set the printer to print in economy mode or draft.

Tip Eight To Save Printer Ink

Did you know that when you are printing black and white text only, your printer is not just using the black ink cartridge? Instead it is using the colour cartridges as well, mixing them together to make black.

Many printers now are loaded with separate cartridges, the colour ones being more expensive than the back ink. So when printing only black and white text, make sure you change the setting to use only the black ink, thus saving the coloured inks.

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