Online Selling 

Online selling has become all the rage over the last few years now that it has become accessible to everyone with a computer and Internet access.

Look in any cupboard and you are bound to find something you had forgotten you had that you no longer need.

nstead of throwing it away why not sell it to earn yourself some extra cash and also help the planet by giving someone else the chance to use it.

Anything from books, clothes, Cd's, lampshades and even car parts are being sold online now, in fact I'm sure there is a market for practically anything.

Online selling has become so popular among those looking to boost their incomes that many even go foraging for cheap items atgarage sales and thrift shops to enable them to sell them online for a small profit.

This does take more time and effort and you really do need to know your market to ensure that what you buy will be able to make money.

How To Do It?

There are a few ways you can start internet selling, some quicker and cheaper to set up than others. It all depends on how much selling you want to do and if you are hoping to create an actual business out of it or not.

You could set up your own website to sell your items but this is really for Internet savvy business person as it will take much longer to set up and will have higher set-up fees involved.

The quickest and easiest way is to use online selling web sites such as Ebay and Amazon who allow sellers to place items on their site for a small fee.

All the advertising and transactions are dealt with by the companies so all you have to do is set up your initial ad.

Placing ads is very simple and the sites have many online guides to help you through the steps.

It is important to familiarise yourself as much as possible with the guidelines as the more you understand the process the better you will be at knowing your market and ultimately making money.

Ebay offers two ways to sell your items, firstly you can simply request a buy it now price, which is straightforward selling.

Or you can place a starting bid price and hope that the bid increases. If you require a certain price to be achieved for your item you are also able to place a reserve price on the item.

Do I need any qualifications or training?

Even a beginner can use these online selling websites as they are designed to make the process as simple as possible.

However with a little more knowledge you can help to make your items sell better with a more professional looking ad and so learning some basic HTML will be an advantage.

Also make sure you are familiar with the whole process of the buying and selling before you dive in.

Spend some time watching how other items sell and even make a purchase yourself so that you understand how the process works.

Are there any costs involved?

If you decide to use an online company like Ebay it is important to read their fee structure as there are lots of little fees that you may have to pay i.e. ad inclusion fee, selling price fee, picture fees.

Also if you use a secure online payment receiving company to handle your sales you will also have pay a small percentage to them.

For the more experienced seller it is also possible to pay for your own online store with these companies and fees vary depending on your requirements.

Pros/cons of Online Selling

Unfortunately with any selling situation you will have to watch out for fraudulent buyers. You will have to be prepared for the odd dispute but luckily there are also guidelines given on the sites as to how to deal with these occurrences.

However, become web aware and get to know the pitfalls.

Online selling can be quite lucrative after a while if you discover a market to tap into. Most of the hard work is carried out by the online websites and so there is no need to spend hours at the computer, simply list your items and sit back.

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