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There are many online business ideas to choose from when you want to set up your own home based internet business. The secret to having a successful business though is finding the right one for you and your circumstances.

The following ideas are designed to give you a push in the right direction for your own online business. No one can make the decision for you as to what will work for you, but one thing is for sure. We all know something about something and it is that knowledge or passion which will provide a successful online business for you.

Some Online Business Ideas

Click the links next to each of these online business ideas to find out more about how having your own website can work for that particular business.

Real Estate – If you sell or rent property in your local area having a website to drive traffic to you is essential these days. More and more people are searching online for property and if you aren’t there they can’t find you.

Make a website which provides information about the local area, what’s on etc as well information about your property portfolio. Make your website stand out and you will not only create more focused leads but will also build trust.

Real Estate

Auction Seller – If you sell online using eBay or some other online auction site you will know that it is hard to build a business of returning customers. Also who is really the boss of your business, you or eBay?

After all you do all the hard work and eBay sits back and takes the commission, but what if you could make eBay work for you? Build yourself your own online business website and refer your eBay customers to that site. This way they can buy from you in the future directly from you and by pass eBay and its fees.

Own Your eBay Traffic

Become An Infopreneur. – Information sells, simple as that. If you can provide useful information online to your target audience you will be able to gain their trust and this will enable you to sell via your website to presold customers.

Even if you don’t have your own product there are many ways to monetize your information website, that’s what I do. This is my personal favourite online business ideas.


Webmaster – if you already know how to build websites then why not promote your work via your own showcase website. Give your traffic lots of free information and build their trust in you.

Stand out from the crowd as someone who wants to help them build a successful website and you will attract far more visitors and customers to your site than competing webmasters.

Webmasters Masters Course

Local, Offline Business – Already run your own business? Perhaps you are a florist or a gardener or even car repairers. If you are not online also then you are missing out on a load of potential customers who simply don’t know where you are.

Build an interesting unique website for your local business in your own way and you will not only gain more customers but will build more repeat customers. Over deliver and succeed.

Local Business

Network Marketer – Multi level marketing is all about recruiting and lead generation for sales and also recruiting other marketers which you also earn from. Now unless you are a born salesman you may find it difficult to do this offline, this is where the internet comes in.

Online there's no need to push (i.e., chase cold calls/prospects), instead you motivate potential customers and other business-builders to call you to find out more.

Network Marketing

Service Seller– If this is what you do for a living now you will know just how expensive and difficult it can be to gain new customers. Old fashioned advertising can not only be rather expensive but can be rather ineffective also. It is also difficult to know just how well your advertising is working for your service business.

Having an online presence can change all that, it is low cost, targeted and measurable.

Service Sellers

Referrers/Finders – Many small local businesses do not have their own websites but they could benefit from one. Being a referrer simply means that you build a website related to that business area and refer your customers to the local business.

You make an arrangement with the local business that you receive a commission on every customer you send to them.

Finders Fee

Travel Industry – Travel is big business, too big for a small online business to compete with. However you can build a website which targets a particular area of travel.

For instance say you love going on holiday to England. You could build a website about places to visit in England and place links on your site to relevant travel affiliates on your site. This is one of the most popular online business ideas.

Travel Business

Make Your Knowledge sell

We all know something about something, whether it is your favourite hobby or life experience or business knowledge. It is all valuable information you can share with the rest of the world in your own unique way.

If you still are unsure of what online business ideas are right for you or can’t decide what you what to build a website about. This free master’s course will help you to decide, it helped me when I first started out and I think you will find it of great help.

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