Never Worry About Losing Your Luggage

Never worry about losing your luggage. I have lost my luggage several times in the past at the airport and this has taught me a great frugal lesson.

Never Buy Expensive Luggage.

Instead I but second hand cases from a boot sale or yard sale and as long as all the locks work and the case is secure,

I find they work great for my travels abroad. And if they get lost well so what, I still claim on my insurance but the loss of my actual cases no longer bugs me like it used to.

Buy Colorful Suitcases

My other tip is to buy cases which are very distinctive. Add big coloured labels to them or use stickers on the bags.

This makes it not only easier to spot when you are collecting them but also makes it more difficult for anyone to try and steal your bag, as it is so recognizable. Thieves tend to target either expensive looking bags or ones which are non descript.

Comment - Never Worry About Losing Your Luggage

Great tips, I have known so many people who have lost their luggage at the airport and who have been so mad about the loss of the cases. I never fully understood why until I realised just how expensive good suitcases were.

You’re so right about buying second hand cases; I see lots and lots of them at garages sales or even charity shops and at really low prices. I guess this is because they take up so much room and so people are anxious to get rid of them.

Making the bag look a little more distinctive so that it stands out especially at the carousel in the terminal. It can be so irritating having to search around and through lots of suitcases which look the same. It would save so much time if you can quickly spot your bags from a distance.

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