Nappy Pie

My kids call this 'nappy pie' because I once folded the pastry in the shape of a nappy! But they love it anyway. You can use any filling, but I usually use the following:

1 x puff pastry roll (you buy it frozen - not expensive)
250 g of minced beef 
1 x egg
Pinch salt & pepper
1 x cup grater cheese (optional)
1\2 pkt brown onion soup
Dash of milk

Mix mince, egg (keep some for the top of the pie), soup powder, cheese, milk & spices together in a bowl. Roll out thawed pastry on a floured board until it makes a long rectangle. Place mince mixture in the middle of the pastry and make into a long sausage.

Fold pastry around the mince and seal with a wipe of the egg mixture. Place on greased pan, wipe egg on top of pastry and bake on 400 for about 1\2 hour. Feeds 6. Accompany with a salad or veggies.

You can make with any meat or veggies, tuna etc etc

Comment from Kate
Nappy pie, great name but congers up all sorts of horrible visuals. trust kids to come up with a name like that for food. J

Sounds like a delicious recipe and I love using the frozen pastry you mentioned. it is so easy to use and so convenient. I used to hate making my own pastry, too messy and the results were not always that great.

I’ll have to try your idea of using onion soup powder in a recipe, sounds like it could be a great addition to the flavour cupboard. I like onion soup at the best of times as it has a very different taste to using fresh onions and making a soup.

Thank you for submitting this recipe, hope you come back soon.

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