My Frugal Cabin Decorating Tips

by Bette

I very recently bought a rather primitive cabin in the mountains and am in the process of remodeling. Some things that I have had to spend money on are beadboard for the terrible walls and laminate for the floors. Fortunately, my local home maintenance center gave me a tremendous deal on the beadboard and laminate.

For the rest, I have gone into super frugal mode. The two bedrooms are very small (8x9 or so) and I want beds that are big enough for guests, so I hit upon a darned good solution. I advertised for queen size waterbeds with drawers, and was able to find 2. One was free (needed work!) and the other cost $50. So I was able to furnish both bedrooms for $50 plus paint and sandpaper. Not using the headboards or the waterbed box at all, rather using queen size mattresses on a flat supporting base.

Dresser drawers are of course included. For nightstands we are making a simple shelf to attach to the wall on each side of the beds to hold a lamp and a clock. Everything really looks good.

I found some comforters and sheet sets at second hand stores, made my own curtains and headboard. Was able to coordinate colors beautifully. Done and all for less than $100 for two bedrooms. Oh, by the way, I got carpeting for both rooms from an abandoned mobil home that is in excellent condition, just needs a little cleaning.

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