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by Laurie

As a single mother of 2 teenage girls I am always looking for ways to save money on a daily basis. I would like any tips on how to save on electricity, (we have electric heat),any good recipes that cost relatively little, any tip really you have found to penny pinch.

Answer by Kate
well I shall add a couple of ideas of mine own first.
Always make more food than you need that way you are using your cooker for less time. freeze the rest or put it in the fridge for lunch the next day. re heating is quicker than fully cooking.

next when you are cooking try to use as few pans as possible. I tend to boil my potatoes and root vegetables in one pan then put a steamer pot on top for the softer veg like broccoli and squash etc. this way I end up only using one ring.

Another good tip I find is that once something has boiled turned the heat right down, you do not need to keep the power up high the whole time.

Hope those tips of some use. Perhaps other visitors will be able to add some of their own tips too.

best wishes Kate

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Saving electricity
by: Anonymous

Cut electricity by 50% every year by putting your freezer on a timer. 12 hours on 12 hours off. The freezer is insulated so it won't defrost unless you keep opening the door all the time.
Also unplug any unused electronics, even though they are turned off they still consume electricity.

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