Medical Experiments For Extra income

Medical experiments on humans is fine by me as they give their consent and also can earn themselves a little extra income in the process.

The amount of extra income that can be earned varies quite a lot depending on the type of product they are testing the length of time it may take and if there are more risks involved or are more invasive procedures.

What Is It?

Nearly anything new on the market that is either consumed by on put on our bodies has to be tested for safety to be able to go on sale. Things like face creams, shampoos and drugs are just some of the things that need to be tested on humans.

Basically the tests will either require you to use a certain product or to take pills for a period of time and to keep records of anything that you notice.

This could be carried out at home or for more controlled testing you may be required to have the tests at the companies testing laboratories, so that they can monitor your progress.

This sort of extra income can be found in many ways. A lot of agencies advertise in local newspapers and magazines or on the Internet.

Some even advertise on notice boards on student campuses, as they are often the sorts of people who are looking for some extra cash.

Do I need any qualifications or training?

Anyone can offer their services to take part in these types of experiments and even though they may prefer you to be generally healthy there are even some experiments available for those with long-term illness or even life threatening illnesses.

Men do have more options available to them as some companies prefer to use women who are either sterilized or on the pill, so that there is no chance of the woman becoming pregnant during the time of the medical experiment, which could alter the results of the test.

Are there any costs involved?

There are no costs involved but you will probably have to pay for your travel costs to the test centres.


If you are looking for some extra income to boost your frugal living Budget from time to time and don't want to have to do any actual work, then medical experiments are a good option.

On the negative side you are taking some risks with your health. The whole point of medical experiments is to find out if the products or drugs are harmful to us in any way and so any future side effects are totally unknown.

Most agencies will only allow one person to take only so many experiments during one year to try and reduce any harmful effects on the body through over testing.

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