Make Your Own Carpet Cleaning Solution That Really Works!
by Cyndy (USA)

Make your own carpet cleaning solution that really works.

Carpets are meant to make your home look warm and cosy and inviting, which they do for the first few weeks after they have been laid. But all too soon they start to pick up dirt which becomes engrained and can’t be removed by a vacuum.

Odours also start to become stuck in your carpet, making your lovely fresh home turn into a musty unwelcoming place.

So what to do, you deep clean your carpet. You buy chemical carpet cleaner at a expensive price right? Wrong, you can make your own carpet cleaner at a fraction of the cost and it will also smell a lot fresher than the chemical based bought ones.

t is also great for cleaning up difficult spills on your carpet as they happen. You can keep some ready made up all the time for emergencies.

  • Make an 16 oz spray container of rug/fabric cleaner with simple home ingredients.
  • Fill a 16 oz container with:
  • 3 oz of ammonia
  • 3 oz vinegar
  • 2 TBSP dish detergent
  • 3 TBSP lemon juice
  • Fill the rest of the container with water.

Spray the spot and wait 2-3 minutes. Take a damp sponge and rub gently over the spot. Take a white washrag and pat until all moisture is removed. When it dries the stain is gone!

Comment from Kate
Great frugal tip, thanks for sharing it with us. I know I will give it a go myself as I hate the smell of those shop bought carpet cleaners. They always smell like the toilet cleaners to me.

I use a lot of cleaner too as I have two cats and somehow they always seem to walk stuff in from the garden onto the carpets. By the time I spot the marks they have dried in and can be difficult to remove. it would be great to find an alternative cleaner which smells great and works well without costing me a fortune.

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