Make Do And Mend - Brighten Up An Old Coat For Spring

by Kate

buttons - picture by monkey123

buttons - picture by monkey123

Spring is on the way and you look forward to the day you can put your heavy coat away for next winter. But your old spring coat looks rather tired and shabby, what to do.

well being frugal if you're anything like me you will not want to waste money on a new coat when the old one just needs tiding up. This can be done with a little imagination and a few new buttons and perhaps a new belt.

Spring is a time of color and brightness, so why not add a touch of spring to your old coat. If your handy with the needle and thread you can always make your own tie up belt out of some spring inspire material and cover the buttons of the coat with the same material. this will give your coat an instant lift as well as giving you the springtime look no one else has.

if your not a seamstress, then I find charity shops a god send. i can always find buttons and belts, or what about a head scarf instead for the belt. I have even bought a second hand cheap coat which had some very nice buttons on and transferred the buttons. Leaving the rest of the coat for scrap material I can use for something else.

So why not be unique this season and make do and mend with your very own designer springtime coat.

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