Saving money buy shopping at consignment stores

by Rich
(Boca Raton, Florida, USA)

Consignment shops also known as second-hand stores offer used goods at a much greater bargain than had you purchased it brand new.

Many consignments also offer new items in addtion to retro style items being sold. "In the context of sale, it is usually understood that the consignee (the seller) pays the consignor (the person who owns the item) a portion of the proceeds from the sale. Payment is not made until and unless the item actually sells. The consignor retains title to the item at all times, and can end the arrangement at any time by requesting return of the item. A specified period of time is commonly arranged, after which time if the item does not sell the owner can reclaim the item."

Features of Consignment are as follows: 1)The Relation between the two parties is that of consignor and consignee and not that of buyer and seller 2)The consignor is entitled to receive all the expenses in connection with consignment 3)The consignee is not responsible for damage of goods during transport or any other procedure. 4)Goods are sold at the risk of consignor. The profit or loss belongs to consignor only but don't let this discourage you from using a consignment shop.

This is a great way to get rid of your items if you don't wish to be overcharged by ebay and do not have time to put on a yard sale. The rule of thumb is that your items will take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month depending on the size, quantity, and value of your items.

To see a complete directory of all consignment stores in the country please visit: Consignment Store Directory and find your local retailer today.

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Saving dollars and sense.....Coupon match ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Sandi
(Redding, CA U.S.)

Clip coupons from the Sunday paper and match sales with coupons for the week. Here's an example. This week at cvs pharmacy they had Garnier Fruitis shampoo on sale for 3/$10 or $3.33 each. I had 3 $2.00 off coupons (which I found in the store in front of the shampoo) and got each bottle for only $1.33!!!!

Another great buy this week...@ Safeway they had General Mills Cereal for $1.49 a box (if you buy 4) I also had 2 coupons for $1.00 off off 2 boxes. I got each box for $1.00 a box...such a good deal I printed out more coupons online and went back. It was a 3 day sale. Check those out every week at Safeway and match coupons with the items you need. Sometimes it's worth buying more than one Sunday paper if you find a coupon in it for a product you use all the time, that way you can stock up.

Here's another idea for you......

Make a list of household staples that you use all the time include household items like laundry soap, paper towels, groceries, etc.

Hold out for sales and watch for coupons to match with the sales. But what if you would like to stock up and you only have one coupon? There are 2 things you can do. "First, you can google it (example: Pedigree coupons), you may be able to find the manufacturers coupon online on a coupon website like There are lots of coupons for sale on ebay for all kinds on things; super cheap and well worth it if it's an item you use all the time. I recently found a Pegigree dog food coupon in the Sunday paper for $3.00 off a bag of dry dog food... I have 2 Jack Russells so I buy a lot of this. Well when the regular price is only $4.49 I got 1 bag for $1.49 (with $3.00 off coupon) so I decided now is the time to stock up. I went on ebay and found the coupon (bought 10) for $3.99, well worth my investment when I can buy 10 more bags @ $1.49 each (a $30 savings), although I would not recommend buying this many all at once, this will be done in a few shopping trips. Cashiers my get a little crochety over this. lol

I even found $25 gift certificates for $2.00 each to a restaurant in my area on ebay.

Oh, also to squeeze in even more savings if you have a store coupon to match with your manufacturers coupons you can save even more.

Example... Huggies diapers are on sale for $6.99 a pack @ Target. You have a $3.00 off manufacturer coupon and $2.00 off Target store coupon. Well you end up only paying $1.99 for a pack of diapers!!! has printable store coupons and some other stores will take their coupons. Some Wal-marts will, not in my area Northern CA. Do some reasearch and check out stores coupon policies.

Check ou my new blog at

For more money saving tips and ways to earn a living as a WAHM

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Shop at a yard sale

If your into saving money than what better way than to shop at a local yard sale.

On just about any given weekend you can find a local sale with kitchen appliances, furniture, clothes, kids toys, and tons of random useful stuff at great bargain prices that you would never be able to get at the store.

Now you also don't have to run to the paper to find this information tanks to the digital age you can go to sites like: and find a sale by you. So use the tips you find on frugal-living and get cracking!

More About Garage Sales

Comment from kate
I love garage and yard sales. i think most of the things in my home are from such sales. I get a great sense of contentment when I know I have got a bargain. I also find that some of my things are better quality than some of the new alternatives.

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Frugal Xmas shopping Tips

1) If you buy a newspaper, sometimes you get free toys such as Lego and things like that.
save them up for Christmas and you've got yourself some perfect stocking fillers!

2)go to charity shops and get lots of stuff really cheap.I recently saw a lady buy a crystal tea set for £5!

3) get freebies whenever you can! if you are out shopping with a child people often give out free balloons. this will make any child happy!

4)Buy as much as you can from pound shops and 99p stores

5) make decorations! its free/cheap and its fun for the kids too!

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Consignment-Consign and buy Children's items. There is no better sale than resale.

by Crystal
(Palm Beach Gardens, Florida)

I own Patty Cakes Boutique a children's consignment shop in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Especially in this economy I think consignment for children is the way to go. Our slogan is "Because children grow...Money doesn't". Consignment is a way to get money for your preloved items and buy items at 40-50% OFF retail. When shopping consignment you get a huge selection as the store has clients that come from all over. You can pick up items such as kids clothes, baby equipment, furniture, toys, books, movies and much more.... Some stores even have maternity, which we do. So you can start saving money right off the bat. It is better for planet on a whole to shop consignment because things are getting recycled. The landfills do not need anymore in them. If the item has life left in it take it to Goodwill. If it is gently preloved take to consignment. Both the consignors and shoppers when with consignment. There are also store that take and sell womens, mens and furntiure items. See what kind of stores are in your area. As far as consigning every store has its own contract and rules and you should check to see what they are. Good luck consigning and shopping.

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Smart Dollar Store Savings

by jayne
(Bryan, Ohio)

I shop at dollar stores with coupons and get everything mainly under a dollar doing this. You can even get green cleaning supplies at Dollar General.
Paper goods and office and school supplies save you money buying them at dollar stores . Most are name brands too.
I make a price book I use birthday money to buy stamps, envelopes, andpaper to send for coupons. This is using OPM, other people's money.
I ask for a coupon clipping ervice coupon book for $30..00 as a present and when i get my coupons and use them is is like Christmas and my birthday all year long.
Make a giant list of things you actually use at a Dollar Store. In order to get through our ecominc crisis we need to be creative. Buy your party supplies at dollar stores, After all you through them away.
Take a whole day and rethink your buying habits and you will have more money to save and use for big ticket items. You can get coupons for all kinds of things eating out, oil changes, paint, household items, etc.

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More Saving tips

by Brian Jose

Buy your clothing at the Thrift stores. I bought a couple of nice Aloha shirts at Goodwill.

Use a clothes line to dry your clothes.

Run a full load of dishes in your dishwasher. Its supposed to use less energy then washing your dishes by hand.

Wash your clothing in cold water and only with a full load.

Borrow books, cds, dvds from the library.

Dilute your dishwashing liquid with water , around 7 parts water to 1 part dishwashing liquid.

Use an Igloo with "blue ice" to put yogurt, ice cream, sandwich, or other snacks when you're out and about. My philosophy is KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid.

Stay away from drugs and alcohol and you'll have a clear mind.

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