Lighting a charcoal grill

Make your own charcoal starting chimney. Save a metal coffee can (the large size). Cut out the bottom with your can opener. Using a tin-snips, cut four vents on the bottom edge of the can spacing them equally. No need to completely remove the metal--just bend it upward. To use: Take the cooking rack out of your grill. Place the coffee can on the charcoal rack. Loosely wad some old paper in the bottom. Pile charcoal on top (16 briquettes for a small grill). Light the paper by sticking the lit match through the vent hole. Now just wait about 15 minutes until your charcoal is ashy; pull the can out with a tongs, arrange the charcoal, put your rack back in and you're ready to cook. Works better than charcoal starter fluid and no need for pricey "instant light" charcoal.

Comment from Kate
Great tip especially for those who love barbecues this summer.

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