Life Modelling 
Sitting Still For Cash

Life modelling isn't for everyone but it certainly has to be the easiest money to earn. Well after all you have to do is sit still, what could be easier?

If you feel that you could take your clothes off and not be embarrassed, then this could be a way to earn some extra cash. Being a life model isn't a well paid job but has been a traditional way for people to earn some extra cash without having any prior experience.

It is not always necessary to take your clothes off for a session but the pay is less and the work may not be as available.

To find work contact any local art schools and adult education centres who may provide art classes. See if it is possible to leave your details so that they can contact you if they ever need a model.

You can also place your own advertisements on art school notice boards. You could advertise yourself in your local newspaper etc but be warned you will have to be careful whom you respond to and make sure you never leave yourself in a vulnerable situation.

This is why modelling for group is a lot safer.

Life sitting can be for both men and women and doesn't matter how old you are or what you look like. The whole purpose is for the artists to be able to experience all sorts of body shapes, wrinkles etc.

Sessions can last for several hours and so may become uncomfortable or cold. The more experience you have of life modelling the easier it will become and so will find your own ways of getting through the session.


No training is required however you will be required to be able to hold a pose and keep still for long periods of time.

Costs Involved

There are no costs involved apart from your travel expenses to and from the venue.

Pros and Cons Life Modelling

This is a very easy way for anyone to make some extra cash regardless of age, gender or looks. On the con side it can be a little boring and you will have to get over any shyness and be willing to cooperate with the artists.

Useful Contacts

The Royal Academy, Piccadilly, London -

The Sketch Club -

Art Search - find Art schools in America -

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