Laundry Jobs and Ironing Services

Who loves those laundry jobs waiting in the corner of the room? Well not many love to do laundry and iron there clothes that's for sure and this is especially true for busy professionals who just don't have the time of inclination for such household chores.

However everyone needs their laundry washed and ironed and so this could be a great way to earn some extra cash to top up your frugal living budget or for those times you need some extra cash for holidays or gifts etc.

Laundry Jobs and ironing service, how to go about it.

You could choose to either go it alone and provide the services privately through your own advertising or you could join an agency.

Going it alone is the easiest option and you will have more freedom and probably earn more money. Simply advertise your service via local newspapers and cards in windows.

Also don't forget word of mouth is one of the best and cheapest advertising around, so make sure you spread the word amongst your friends and neighbours.

Even if you have your own washing machine it is better to use one at a local laundry shop as there machines will be better at washing and drying and.

It is also easier for you to know exactly what costs are involved than using your own electricity and water supplies, let alone wear and tear on your washing machine.

Make sure you know how much your local laundry service charges for use of their machines and build these costs in to your own pricing.

For ironing services it is better to try and charge a price per hour, as it is rather difficult to price by garment.

When pricing your laundry jobs remember to build in your time, transportation costs if any, product costs such as washing powder, ironing fluid etc as well. But be careful not to price yourself too high other wise you may only appeal to top professional on a high wage.

You my want to offer premium service where you offer a quick turnaround and for this you can charge more for. This gives your customers choice and you the possibility of earning more.


You will need to have your own transportation as you will have to pick up and deliver back the laundry. However these costs should be built into your pricing.

You may also want to present the finished laundry or ironing in a special way i.e. tied up with ribbon or contained in a see-through bag (this can make your business stand out from the others and help with your word of mouth advertising).

Pros and Cons

There is a big demand for this type of work as people are very time poor these days and so laundry jobs and ironing should be plentiful in every area.

On the Con side you will have to be careful to make sure that clothes are not damaged during the washing or ironing. The work can be quite physically demanding and so you will have to make sure that you are physically able to carry out the work.

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