jazzing up my clothes

by ley

I have a few choice items in my wardrobe that are fine but boring, they've been worn to death so i decided to revamp a bit. A plain black top was slit at the side of the neck and i added a hot pink zip, A 3/4 sleeve patterned t-shirt has its sleeves split and just joined at the bottom, a little difference but it had a huge effect, a long sleeved kaftan had its arms cut short and i split the sleeves also and I turned my old trousers into crops. You wouldn't believe to difference it made, it really felt like i had new items to wear.


Sounds like a great idea. I'm not great with a needle but recently i gave it a go and it's amazing just how easy and quickly you can pick things up. A few month ago I would even contemplate putting a zip in. Now I would just see it as a challenge.

Re vamping clothes is a great way to change your wardrobe without spending a fortune, especially in these harsh economic times. Now I must take a look at the back of my cupboard, I'm sure i have something in there I haven't worn for years.

Thanks for the tips. Kate

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