Jam turnovers

by Kathy
(Windsor, Ontario Canada)

So many times my family would leave about a 1/4 of a cup of jam in the jar and never finish it up. I saved 4 different jars of jam that had a 1/4 of a cup in them and put them together. I have Strawberry, raspberry, peach and marmalade.

I made some pie crust and cut that into squares and used the left over jam to fill them and make jam turnovers. Cook at 350 degrees until golden brown.
When out of the oven dust with a little icing sugar and allow to cool thoroughly.

The family finally finished up the left over jam!

Comment from Kate
thanks for your recipe. I know what you mean about left over jam. I always seem to have several jars in the cupboard with just a bit at the bottom left. Jam turnovers all round i think.

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