Jam Jar Milkshake

by Jenn Linden
(Sioux Lookout, ON)

Jam Jar

Jam Jar

We always loved the end of the jam jar, as my mom would always fill it with milk and shake it up and we got a tasty milkshake as a treat and no more leftover jam.

I wonder how many other people did this. It seems so obvious to me now, but I've never heard of anyone else doing this.

What a great frugal idea, I always found it annoying that I couldn't get to the last bits of jam in the jar. I never thought of adding milk to make a tasty milkshake.

I will definitely try this next time I finish a jar of jam.

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Oh the memories
by: Ken

Made me a bit misty eyed, to be honest. We thought we were the only family in the world to do that; I suppose in reality it was a common depression era frugality, carried on long after the depression ended. It was a special treat indeed. Thanks for this.

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