Interviews With Frugal Living Experts.

These interviews are designed to pick the brains of fellow frugal lifestyle followers who are leaders in their field. We value their time and effort in answering our questions and know that their expertise will benefit all of us interested in learning about new and innovative approaches to a frugal living lifestyle. The more we learn, the more we can save money and enjoy life.

I hope you enjoy the following discussions and that you will take the time to visit their web sites for more information. Over the weeks I hope to add more talks with the experts for your enjoyment and benefit.

If there are some frugal living topics you would like to be covered here be an expert in that field please let me know. I will then research and find someone who lead the field in that topic and who is willing to give us an interview. This site belongs to you and so if there is information you would like covered which we have missed then please let me know, I will do my best to cover it in full.

Please check out our discussions below. The following people are all experts in their fields. These are varied topics but are all related to frugal living. I hope you enjoy reading them and that they may inspire you .


John Harrison
Vegetable grower, Poultry keeper and author.

Judi Harris 
Owner of

John Smith
A butcher

Richard Cannon

David Lee

If you are an expert in any related frugal living field such as:

  • Chicken rearing at home
  • Home baking
  • Yard sales
  • Coupon saving
  • D.I.Y

Anything really which you feel  would give our visitors some great frugal living tips about your field of interest, then please feel free to contact me.

You could simply give us an article about your topic along with some pictures to illustrate. Or if you prefer I can put together some questions for you.

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