How To Save On Airfare?

How To save on airfare? This is a common question and one that has become increasingly asked due to the recent downturn in the world's economy.

Although airfare in some cases looks incredibly cheap, you have to beware of all those hidden extras that lay behind the initial costs.

And even if a flight looks cheap, who's to say that it is the best deal on offer.

When buying an air ticket shopping around is a must for anyone who wants to find the best way to save money on airfares.

Here are a few tips I have come across which you can follow to get the most out of your budget travel.

How To Save On Airfares - Discounted Fees

There are sometimes special discounts for family groups, seniors or students. For Instance look out for deals such as:

  • Kids fly free

  • Infants can sit on parents lap and don't require a seat or there own

  • Large group discounts, usually when 10 or more are travelling together

  • Discounts for AARP members

  • Companion discounts when travelling with a senior

  • Discounts with specialist student travel agencies such as STA Travel

How to save on airfare?

Why spend more than you need to. There are lots of cheap flights ouit there, you just need to find them

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Check Main Sites First

The first step is to check the big three main travel sites for their best cheap airfares for your flight. The three main ones are:

  • Cheap Air

Although these sites try to keep up with all the latest deals, do not feel that this is always the best option.

Check With Airlines Own Site

Always compare prices with the actual airlines own site. Often even better deals can be found here, as they do not always charge booking fees that the agents do.

Smaller Airlines

There are many smaller discount airlines out there that may not necessarily advertise on the main sites. So do an Internet search for the smaller airlines as well.

Fly Off Peak Times

Flying midweek or at night is cheaper than at peak times such as Fridays and Mondays. So make sure that you check alternate flight times for your destination to compare prices and perhaps save yourself some money in the bargain.

Last Minute Bargains

If you are quite flexible and are not too worried about which airline you fly, you can pick up some nice bargains by checking out last minute deals on sites such as and

International Flights

It is important to know when your destinations on and off peak seasons are. This can make a huge difference to not only your airfare but also other costs such as accommodations etc.

If travelling to several international destinations it can often be cheaper to book with different airlines to get the best price on your flights.

You should also check to see if breaking up your flight to your main destination is better than flying direct. This may sound odd but often this can work out cheaper as some countries have airlines that are offering ridiculously low fares to some destinations.

So the answer to the question how to save on airfare? Is to shop around and then to shop around some more. Look at all the different ways you can reach your destination, could you travel on a different day of the week, at a different time, with a different airline or at a different airport. Most importantly don't forget about any taxes or insurances you may have to pay.

Take your time and compare and compare, you could save hundreds in the long run and make great budget travel arrangements.

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