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How to be frugal in the garden this summer.

This year is the first time I am doing something with my garden. After ten years of total neglect I am putting my best foot forward and getting my spade out.

Now as you can image after ten years the garden is in a pretty bad state and we basically have to start from scratch and this can be very, very expensive.

But I am determined that it will all be done according to my frugal living lifestyle and be kept on a tight budget.

So if you find yourself in a similar position, here are my tips on how I am creating a garden on a budget.

How to be frugal with garden clearance rubbish

This has been one of our biggest headaches this year. Because the garden was so overgrown we have had to cut back mountains of blackberry bramble, prune a very large tree and dig up most of the lawn, leaving us with a truly big pile of rubbish to get rid of. We have done the work one step at a time and got rid of each item before moving on to the next job.

The tree branches were sorted and the straightest thinnest branches have been saved so that we can make a woven fence with them. The rest were bagged and taken to a local recycling tip.

The lawn was cut up into squares shaken and the loose earth was then offered to neighbours for free for their gardens. The turf was taken to the recycling tip.

The bramble was broken up and left to rot down with other compost.

How to be frugal with decking

We wanted a small raised deck to sit on in the garden but there was no way that I was going to pay hundreds of pounds for the wood. So instead we walked the streets and found abandoned wood pallets, which we used as the base of the deck.

We went to the local recycling tip and found planks of wood for the top of the deck as well as some left over wood preserver.

With a little time and effort we have created a very nice raised deck for no more than the cost of a few car trips and some nails.

How to be frugal with planting

Most places have pound or dollar stores in their town and I recommend that before you buy anything for your garden that you check these places out first.

We have bought most of our plants either in seed, bulb or small plant from these places. As well as some very cheap trellising and a few plastic pots.

We have also asked our neighbours for cuttings from their own plants, which they have been very happy to share with us.

How to be frugal with everything else in the garden

We have joined a local group called freecycle online which is a network of local people who offer unwanted goods for free. Through this we have managed to get;

  • Sand
  • Bricks
  • Paving slabs
  • Tile edging
  • Plant pots
  • Bird table

All of this for absolutely nothing.

At the moment the garden is half completed and our total spend can only be about £35. Yes it has taken us longer to do it and yes it has been hard work. But I can tell you that it has been lots of fun and our garden will be completely unique and our own.

The best thing about being frugal is the great sense of achievement you get when you manage to make things happen and recycle whenever possible.

Happy Gardening.

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