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Who would have thought that there were so many uses for those discarded rinds? it turns out to be one of the most versatile items which we would normally just toss in the bin.

These tips have all been tried and tested at one time or another. I hope you enjoy them.

Uses for a Citrus Fruit Rinds.

Bird Feeder - Use a half grapefruit scooped out. Fill with bird seed and hang from a tree. If you pack the seed in lard then it will stay in the grapefruit better and the birds love pecking it out.

Saucepan Cleaner - To clean a blackened aluminium saucepan, boil water and citrus rinds together in it. This is a cheaper alternative to buying detergents for washing up your pots and pans.

Tea Flavouring - Add a piece of citrus rind to a cup of black tea. this is an old favourite but many people have not given it a try.

Nail Groomer - Press dirty fingernails into the pithy side of a lemon rind to clean them. Useful to keep some rind in the kitchen to use in this way after dirty chores. This really does work and is very quick.

Potpourri - Use citrus rinds, cinnamon and cloves to a bowl to add a warm scent to a room. Dried rind looks great too.

Aromatic Bags - Add orange or lemon peel to a small string bag and hang inside your clothes wardrobe or place inside a drawer. There‚Äôs nothing nicer than opening a drawer and being kit by the fresh smell of citrus.

Cutting Board Freshener - rub citrus rinds over your chopping board to help remove food odours. This is a great tip after you have chopped garlic on your cooking board as the odour can hang around even after washing.

(Tips from Readers Digest Practical Problem Solver)

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