home phone savings

by Emmy
(Columbia, SC, USA)

Jan 13, 2010

I found myself with a cell phone and land line. Now my cell phone is also used for a part time business and I did not want to give that number to drs, pharmacist, utility companies - just didn't think they needed to be calling my cell and listening to my business outgoing message. Yet I no longer had much use for my land line - other than as a way for them to call me and leave a message for me. I decided to get a TracFone and got mine at Radio Shack - I got the double minutes for life phone, so now instead of $40 month for a phone I have little use for - I now have a portable cell TracFone - I can call drs, etc from my other jobs using that phone, so they don't capture my cell number and I don't burn my cell minutes up on hold. I buy the 200 minutes card for $40 and it gets doubled to 400 minutes - so far I'm using fewer than those minutes over 3 mos. I did get my landline phone number ported to the new phone - ATT did not really make that easy, but if I can do it you can also. $15 a month is better than $40 month. The minutes don't disappear, but you do have to renew with new minutes before time limit is up or minutes are gone - it you snooze on those minutes and time limit you will lose your phone number. I've got 222 minutes left and will need to input a new card by 2/1/2010 this time I'll buy a card with less minutes, it'll still double and cost less. I mostly use my cell phone, most of my friends and relatives are on my network and are free. This tracfone allows me to keep a number I've had for decades. Saves me the headache of changing numbers at any number of places that have the landline number.

It might not work if you are have family at home, but for couples or singles that feel the need for a second phone line - it is frugal!

Comment from Kate site owner
Excellent posts Emmy

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