High Kids Fashion On A Shoe String Budget
by Mommyof5 (Monroe, MI)

High kids fashion on a shoe string budget - My husband and I have five children all under 10yrs old. I have found that dressing them well can be an adventure!

My first tip; invest in baby dreft spray and wash. It takes out all stains (the really stubborn ones I spray and then rub the fabric together). It is worth the $2.99 per bottle. It saves me tons of money by not having to replace stained clothes.

My next tip is to hit all the resale shops within a 20 mile range of your home. I also hit a lot of garage sales every FRIDAY, the first day of a sale is the best day for the biggest selection.

I do this and then after I have bought them the majority of their seasons clothing needs second hand I make a list of what is still needed and I fill in the gaps by shopping retail.

I always ask the store employees if they any extra coupons on hand, 9 times out of 10 they do and are happy to give you one then compound that by only buying sale and clearance items!!!!

Also, if you shop on line try; www.retailmenot.com, it gives you coupon codes for free to use at a lot of online stores. I think that it is possible to clothe a child for an entire year on about $300.00 and yes that includes shoes and a coat! I even can afford to buy a few higher end items (a good pair of shoes is always something I buy retail).

I hope that this has helped!

Comment from Kate

Great set of tips. I know buying clothes for your kids can be very expensive, especially as children are now so demanding and want to be in fashion. Luckily with some careful savvy shopping such as this, you can keep them happy as well as your bank manager.

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