Hedge Trimming
A Seasonal Source Of Extra Income

There will always be a need for hedge trimming if you live in the suburbs.

Even though many people are having their front garden concreted over for somewhere to park their car, there will still be hedges separating properties or at the rear of the property.

Hedges are still very popular but they do need some maintaining and many people just don't have the time to take care of them.

If you like gardening and have some experience with hedge trimming then this could prove to be a very lucrative little business.

What Is It?

Basically you will be tidying up hedges and bushes on peoples property so that they do not hang over pathways etc. It is not a difficult job but does take a little practice to make sure that you leave the hedge looking tidy and not uneven.

You will need to live in an area that will have lots of this type of work. Otherwise you will exhaust your potential customers quickly.

Spend some time scouting your area looking for properties that could need your services, before you decide to invest in any equipment or advertising.

The best way to gain work will be knocking door to door or by putting leaflets through, advertising your services.

Price your time according to the area you are in, there's no point charging too much in a low-income area.

A vehicle will be required for the work, to carry the tools, take away any debris and to be able to cover a larger area. However this does not need to be a big van, a normal sized car should be all that is needed.

Do I need any qualifications or training?

No professional qualifications are needed but you should be competent at hedge trimming, the last thing you want is complaints and a bad reputation. Remember word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

You may want to do some free work to train yourself in the work before you advertise yourself.

Are there any costs involved?

Luckily the costs involved should be relatively low.

You will of course have some travelling costs and if you do not already have the equipment needed you will have to make some initial purchases.

Advertising will be relatively cheap, as this need only be the cost of some leaflets and a few advertisements in local papers or shop windows.

Pros/cons of Hedge Trimming

The main pro for hedge cuttng is that hedges grow back and so will need repeated attention. If you do a good job and make sure that you leave your details with the owner, you should get more work from the same customers in the future.

Unfortunately the main con is that it is seasonal work and during the winter you may find little work. You will also have to be prepared to work in some wet conditions especially if it is a wet spring when most of the work may be needed.

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