Hamburger and Macaroni
by Pauline St Denis (Canada)

Frugal recipes Hamburger and macaroni Ingredients

Brown lean ground beef in oil,

Add a cut up onion.

Garlic, green pepper and /or celery may be added.

While this browning have a pot of macaroni pasta boiling. When beef is cooked add a can of tomatoes (what ever you have in the house)

Mix with drained pasta.

I didn't specify quantities as you can judge by how many you are cooking for.

Season to your own taste.

You can make more than you need and warm up the leftovers the next day. Fast, cheap and a big favourite.

Comment from kate

Sounds like an odd mix but why not if you like ground beef and macaroni. I have always been a firm believer that the best recipes are ones where you simply make them up with the ingredients you like bets. Most of my recipes have developed from simply using up left over’s or adding things together to see how they worked. yes you get the odd horrible mistake but mostly they taste great and soon become firm favourites in our home.

This recipe sounds so easy and Quick too, I don’t think anyone would have trouble making it and would recommend it for first time students away from home for the first time.  A much better option than beans on toast and packet noodles which my nephew seemed to think was cooking when he first went to college. Something like this would keep him going for much longer and he could make large batches of it to use for other meals.

I use the quorn mince for a meat substitute but a cheaper option is soya or even green lentils which can have a meaty quality about them when added to recipes. Just because I’m a vegetarian doesn’t mean I have to miss out on these great frugal recipes you keep sending. Thanks again for submitting this recipe.

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