Gutter Cleaning
Earn Extra Cash by Getting Your Hands Dirty

Gutter cleaning isn't a very glamorous job and is often not a job any of us relish but just think how grateful your neighbors would be if someone came along to clear them for them for a small fee.

What Is It?

very home will have gutters and every gutter will need clearing of leaves and debris at least once or twice a year to allow water to run easily down to the drains.

Gutter cleaning simply requires someone to get up a ladder and scoop out all the muck that has built up. That's it, a bit smelly yes, a bit mucky yes but what an easy way to earn yourself some extra cash.

Do I need any qualifications or training?

No anyone can do this as long as they are happy with ladders and being up high. It may also require someone who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty and perhaps coming across the odd bug or two.

You may want to offer your customer drain unblocking too, however you may need some training and special equipment to do this but it can be a lucrative service to have under your belt.

Are there any costs involved?

The main costs involved will be any equipment you may need such as a long ladder, buckets, scoops, rods, gloves etc. Although some people may have their own ladders it is best not to rely on that and anyway at least if you have your own, you will know how safe they are.

Other costs will be advertising your services. This can be as little as putting some ads in shop windows and leafleting your neighbours, to putting small ads in the local papers.

It is also advisable that you get yourself some public liability insurance to protect yourself in case something breaks during the gutter cleaning process. Fortunately this insurance is not that expensive and is well worth paying for.

Pros/cons Gutter Cleaning

The pros are obvious, it is easy work to do and people will require this service all year round.

On the negative side you will have to work outside no matter what the weather and you must be prepared to get dirty. There are also risks regarding injury (falling off ladders etc), so you should be insured for personal injury. Also you may damage your neighbours property, so some insurance to protect yourself is also advisable.

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